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As the by-product of separating work, the tailing is regarded the product with low objective component. Due to the technological limits, many separating plants choose to put aside the tailing. While, by doing this, they have to suffer the consequences of environmental pollution, land exploitation, resource waste and poor recycling economy. Actually, tailing is not as useless as we image. It is rich in useful components. To comprehensively use the mineral resources and protect the ecological environment, it is necessary to realize the discharge of no-waste.

During the current and coming period, it is the major task to comprehensively take use of the large amounts of tailing. To realize the recycling use of tailing, we have to crush and screen the tailing. As a kind of machine for secondary and tertiary crushing, cone crusher is specially suitable to crush hard materials like rock, mineral ore, mineral slag and refractory materials. Being processes by cone breaker, tailing waste can be turned into things of great value.

As a professional supplier of cone breaker, FTM Crusher Company has made the production for more than 30 years. Known as the No.1 brand of China Mining Machinery, FTM Crusher Company dedicates to offering the best products and services for you. With the strategic thought of green industry and internationalization, FTM Crusher Company is trying its best to integrate the most advanced technologies, high-leveled intellectuals and world-level theories into the development process.

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Fote Heavy Machinery: http://www.orecrusherfactory.com

Fote Official Email: vip@sinoftm.com

FTM Crusher Company: http://www.orecrusherfactory.com/contact.html

price of cone crusher: http://www.orecrusherfactory.com/orecrusherpro/22-cone-crusher.html

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