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With wide application ranges in recent years, the coal slime dryer can finish the drying process in a short period. Being equipped with rotary drum, lifting boards and hot air furnace, the sludge drying machine can be the top choice for drying materials like slime, raw coal, slag, bentonite, limestone, sand, quartz stone and tailings, etc. During the drying process, the sludge drying machine may be somewhat over-heated. Why? The following content will give you answers.

sludge drying machine

If the feeding amount is not even, the normal work of coal slime dryer and its preheater will be influenced. If the coal addition is not in time, the temperature of sludge drying machine will be in disorder. Coal powder, being made up of many components, is mainly used to supply heat for sludge drying machine. If the coal powder can not be fully burned, the remains will enter into the primary rotating cylinder for sequential burning. Therefore, some parts of slurry dryer are easy to be overheated.

The drying efficiency of late-model coal slime dryer is about 40% higher than that of old coal slime dryer. By using the late-model sludge drying machine, you can get the finished products featuring in low water content and high thermal value. The finished products, without water absorbing capacity, can be directly used for power plant and chemical plant, etc. What’s more, the dried coal slime can enough bear the burden of long-distance transportation.

Since the carbon content in dried coal slime is much lower than that of anthracite, content of carbon dioxide produced by burning the dried coal slime is relatively low and can satisfy the national demands for environmental protection. Slurry dryer supplier: http://www.ft-dryer.com

slurry dryer: http://www.ft-dryer.com/products/Coal-slime-dryer.html

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