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Sand washing machine, also known as stone washing machine or sand washer, is mainly used to remove impurities in the sand products, that needed washing so called sand washing machine. Sand washing machine is widely used in construction sites, gravel plants (gravel plant), concrete hydropower dam site and other industries. And because different looks and principles, is divided into spiral sand washing machine, sand washing machine drum, water wheel sand washing machines, vibrating sand washing machines and so on. The machine has a clean high, reasonable structure, large capacity, low power consumption, less loss of sand (sand washing process).

sand washer

Structure Features of Industrial Sand Washing Equipment/Sand Washer Equipment:

1. Industrial Sand Washing Equipment/Sand Washer Equipment of simple structure, the impeller drive bearing device with water and water material isolation to avoid bearing sand and pollutants cause damage due to flooding, the phenomenon occurred.

2. sand washing machine for washing, grading and dehydration of the smaller particles of sand and gravel used in construction sites, gravel plants, glass factories, hydropower stations and other units required.

3. Wash sand machine structure fair, convenient maintenance, large capacity, the power consumption is small, clean and high. Novel sealing structure, the full blockade of the oil bath type transmission apparatus, the adjustable overflow weir plate, to ensure that this series of products is efficient, durable, and cleaning, good dewatering effect, fine-grained products remain not arbitrary characteristics.

4. be compared with the traditional spiral sand washing machine sand washer (sand washing machine) wash sand for gravel pits significant upper hand as follows: minimal loss of fine sand and stone powder, washed building sand gradation and fineness modulus reached national building sand building pebbles, gravel 'scale; sand washing machine in addition to mesh almost no wearing parts; long life, long-term without maintenance.

sand washer

Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional mining machine and equipment manufacturer and a large scale corporate enterprise integrating product research and development, designing, sales and service together. With a dedicated team of experts having several decades of experience in R&D and design, the company also has an excellent and professional management system, sales team and workers of high quality. Welcome to visit and purchase.

Website: www.ftmmachine.com/products/crushing-machine/43.html

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