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The flotation machine is the latest design to use the circular tank concept, and combines the benefits of circular cells with the unique features of the minerals mechanism to create the ideal conditions to maximize floatation performance for all roughing, cleaning and scavenging duties. The Flotation machine is suitable for the 0.5 mm to 5 microns of ore grain, specific depending on the mineral grain.When the selected particle size less than 5 microns require the use of special flotation method.

flotation machine

The energy conservation of Flotation Machine Ore/Ore Flotation Cell (total cross-section, air-lift, micro bubble) with the air-jet device has been improved to more than 85%. Meanwhile, equipped with damping device, flotation effects have been improved more than 5% . Besides, the gas-reagent mixer can make rich bubbles and save more than 20% of reagent. Physic liquor is fed after atomizing with a larger superficial area and a higher reagent utilization rate. The air is effectively utilized due to the micro-bubbles. In addition, one-way valve is made of abrasion resistant rubbers, which greatly improves the service life of equipment.

In the flotation process, the ups and downs of mineral and mineral flotability and its affinity for water-related, all with great affinity for water, minerals easily wetted by water, difficult to attach to the bubbles float difficult. The low affinity with water, mineral water can not easily be wetted easily float. Flotation and other beneficiation methods, materials to do the preparatory work before sorting, namely ore grinding and classification to go through to reach a concentration fineness suitable for flotation.

flotation machine

Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. belongs to the joint-stock enterprise integrating R&D, production and marketing. We mainly manufacture ore dressing equipment, stone crusher machine, building material equipment, pellet making machine, ball press machine and so on. If you are interested in mining machinery, welcome to contact or visit Fote Machinery.

Website: www.foteinfo.com/flotation-machine-20.html

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