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During the working process of wood pellet mill, frictional force always exists between raw materials. Along with the increasing input of raw materials, ring die is gradually worn out and finally out of work. Therefore, the output of wood briquette machine is one of the indexes to measure the working performance of ring die.

While, during the actual production, most ring dies are out of operation before reaching the theoretical capacity. Since the ring die is very expensive, you should protect it from being worn out during the working process of wood granulation machine. During the working process of wood pellet mill, ring die bears the suppressing force of press roller, abrasive force of raw materials and driving torque of dynamo.

Under the driving force of ring die, press roller continuously suppresses the raw materials. Hammers are always used before the work of wood pellet mill. By optimizing the two parameters of hammer amount and distance between hammer and sieve, increasing the sieve holes with different diameter on the same surface, FTM China Machinery can make the wood pellet mill work more efficiently.

At present, the weight of best hammer is more than 60t. At abroad, corresponding enterprises have made a series of researches on the factors to influence the digestive functions. As evidence shows that, the even size of corn starch is between the 0.4mm to 1.2mm. When size of raw material is reduced by 0.1mm, the fodder value increases by 1.3%. By contacting us on website, you can get the immediate feedback.

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