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During the production process of biomass pellets, wood pellet mill is still the key equipment. Since ring die is the key part for making biomass pellets, its working performance can directly influence the pellet quality, molding work and efficiency of wood pellet mill. Meanwhile, ring die is one of the parts that are easy to be worn out.

Improvement on the wear resistance of ring die is of key importance to upgrade the pellet quality and output, reduce the energy consumption and lower the production cost. It is clear that distance exists between powered materials. Under the comprehensive factors of hot temperature, strong abrasive and supressive force, powered materials become the biomass pellets with certain density and strength.

Under the driving force, ring die runs at a certain speed and revolves in a close-wise way. By virtue of the abrasive force in suppressing area, press roller runs closewise. Along with the revolution of ring die and press roller, raw materials move rapidly forward and raw materials are strong in density.

When extruding force is larger than the abrasive force, materials with certain density and adhesive force are suppressed into the die holes. Since raw materials are continuously delivered to the distance between ring die and press roller, they are gradually suppressed and discharged out from the die hole as biomass pellets. Interested in the price of wood pellet mill? Leave your email on website to get the best price! According to your message, we can design and produce the most suitable specification for you.

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