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Along with the continuous increase of living standard, people have increasing demands for the animal food like egg, meat and milk. Fodder enterprise plays a more and more important role for the national economy. In 2000, the total output of fodder reaches to 70 million tons. According to the developing program of fodder industry, the total output of fodder has reached to 0.1 billion in 2001.

For about 20 years, the processing technology of fodder has experienced many scientific project researches during the Six Five-Year, Seven Five-Year, Eight Five-Year and Nine Five-Year. The wood pellet mill has acquired the rapid development. During the Seven Five-Year period, commercial departments and some relevant departments together organized the cross-discipline and cross-industry researches and design. Most enterprises payed a lot for importing the advanced technologies from abroad.

On the above basis, we produced the large-sized wood pellet mill with capacity higher than 20t/h during the Eight Five-Year and Nine Five-year periods. Progresses made during these periods offered new chances for re-building and upgrading the large-sized fodder enterprises.

After being ground, raw materials are very smaller in size. Proper grinding of raw materials can improve the digestibility of animals, since it can widen the area of digestive enzyme. At present, the most popular machine for grinding around the world is the hammer crusher. The key points for studying the crushing technology are to reduce the energy consumption, control the evenness of size, lower the noise and prolong the service life of hammer and sieve.

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