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Blocking failure is always the problem that most users of sawdust pellet mill care about. Nobody is perfect. Even with high-grade quality and superior performance, products can still have failures as long as they are man-made. The following content will discuss about the blocking failure from the angle of modulating steam.

To reduce the blocking chance due to the poor steam quality, there are several ways. At first, you should keep the steam pressure in boiler at about from 0.2MPa to 0.4MPa, temperature in boiler at about 1200℃ to 1600℃. Changing range of steam pressure should be smaller than 0.05MPa.

Meanwhile, you should improve the modulating level and make water content in modulated materials at 15.5% to 17%. During the manufacturing process of pellets, you should make the spot check for water content in modulated materials at any time. When manufacturing the fodders rich in whey powder, baby meal and sucrose, you should take the corresponding ways.

Or else, sawdust pellet mill would be blocked. Materials rich in the above elements are easy to absorb water and be coked if being heated. If you use the high temperature to modulate these materials, modulated ones will be much easier to block die holes. Besides, these modulated ones are easy to cake in the distance between press rollers and cause the blocking failure.

Therefore, to deal the above materials, you should control the heating temperature at about 65℃ to 75℃ during the modulating process. Only so, pelletizing speed can be accelerated. Leave email on website to get the latest price of sawdust pellet mill.

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