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Fote machinery is a professional energy equipment manufacturing enterprises. Our products mainly include sawdust pellet mill, straw pellet mill, wood pellet mill and wood pellet cooler. Fote is a high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, manufacturing training and international trade.

The demand of boiler fuel has a large market, the government has taken the gradual relaxation policy given the past main raw materials of coal and oil and advocated to encourage the development of new clean energy. Straw fuel has the advantage of low cost, energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development. The design of sawdust pellet machine is focused on an electric motor which is favorable for environment protection and easy operation. On the top of the mill funnel designed funnel designed to hold crushed organic materials. While beneath the sawdust pellet mill is an open chute. Therefore, sawdust pellet mill has been concerned by many departments of domestic and foreign countries. Just as we just said before, flat plate pellet mill is designed for making animal food pellets for chicken, duck, rabbit, bird and so on. Later, as the development and improvement of the technology, sawdust pellet mill can also make wood sawdust into small pellets for fuel. Sawdust pellet mill is most suitable for small scale sawdust pellet production and light industrial use.

The industrial experts generally believe that the spring of biomass energy is coming. Being the wood pellet mill manufacturers of nationwide leading technology, Fote now is being vigorously introduce talent and encouraging technological innovation, leading the industry of biomass energy equipment. If you have any interest in our sawdust pellet machine, please contact us!

Fote machinery: http://www.wood-pelletmill.com/

sawdust pellet machine: http://www.wood-pelletmill.com/products/5-sawdust-pellet-mill.html

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