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The Sany Concrete placing boom is very popular among foreign clients for its convenient and rapid installation and great free standing height. It is particular applicable in high-rise buildings and large-scale shopping centers. In accordance with installation conditions, the boom systems are either integrated or split for customers’ option.

The modern design such as finite element analysis and structural optimization enables more reasonable structure, lighter weight and longer service life of the placing booms. Before delivery each placing boom must be subject to strict stability testing to ensure no leakage, high-pressure resistance, stable in performance, safe and reliable. Full-hydraulic control technology adopted for all movements of booms realizes ease of boom operation. Load-sensitive proportional control system with pressure compensation is employed to change the running speed of booms freely by regulating the angle of control lever so as to control speed and achieve the best operating performance. The extensive application of modular design technology and rapid connecting devices realizes fast and convenient installation and hoisting of the placing booms. German Siemens PLC is adopted, equipped with local control, wire remote control and 100m ultra long-distance remote control, four frequency bands can be selected with simple operation, comfort and convenience, high reliability. Balance valve control has precise placing and boom self-locking functions, which effectively prevent accidental falloff of booms to ensure safety and reliability. Double-layer wear-resistant delivery pipes are adopted to improve service life up to 30,000 to 50,000 m3, which is 3-5 times the service life of ordinary delivery pipes. For placing booms installed in elevator shafts, the telescopic supports designed by Sany has independent climbing system that can satisfy installation in elevator shafts or on curved walls of different dimensions within a certain range so as to enable strong adaptability of products.

Sany placing booms can satisfy the needs of different short, medium and long placing radii from 15 to 41m. Placing booms can be installed on floor, elevator shaft, tower type, onboard and high-speed rail, etc.

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