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As the representative of Sany large excavator, SY485H is designed by Sany R&D group consisting of 30 people who has been researching, testing and improving on SY485H for 3years. This R&D group includes 2 Chinese experts, 3 distinguished foreign experts and 10 senior engineers.

Sany SY485H is specially designed for mining market, the tailored-made design enables the machine to be of high reliability, heavy load bearing ability and low fuel consumption. The SY485H possesses four domestic initiative technique spotlights--the first excavator using inherent filtration system, the first excavator equipped with GB3 engine, the first excavator using separate radiator, and the first excavator whose structural parts’ life extends to 10,000 hours. In order to guarantee the dispel quality used in mines, Sany SY485H adopts inherent filtration system and high-precision fuel filter system, which makes the fuel cleanliness standard meet with the requirement of GB3 engine. In the meanwhile, equipped with GB3 engine, SY485H not only satisfies domestic upgrading emission standard, but also meets with the working conditions in mines. In addition, the separate hydraulic radiator greatly improves the heat dissipation potential of hydraulic oil, which guarantees the operating performance and hydraulic system life of SY485H.

SY485H adopts the control system and core components with Sany IPR, and newly designed appearance was adopted, which is robust, strong and simple. All of the specifications are in the leading position level of the industry, which makes SY485H become the outstanding representative among the excavators with same tonnage. It is said that Sany SY485H has passed the strictest test system. There are as many as 700 testing sites arranged to test the excavator’s capability, the standard of which is 30% higher than the industry. The experiment for durability and adaptability in mines lasts for 2 years in order to ensure SY485H keep a good performance in harsh conditions. The life of hydraulic parts, covering parts, engine and radiator is 30% longer than the industry.

The nearly perfect experiment and data are the source of confidence for SY485H to capture the market and conquer the mines. Sany hopes that this large excavator can bring high-quality life for customers as well as inject fresh blood and energy for excavator industry.

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Sany SY485H is specially designed for mining market - Zdjęcie nr 1Sany SY485H is specially designed for mining market - Zdjęcie nr 2Sany SY485H is specially designed for mining market - Zdjęcie nr 3
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