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Metal crusher is also called scrap metal crusher, cans crusher, steel scrap crusher and paint bucket crusher, which is hot metal processing equipment in metal recycling field. Scrap metal crusher is the preparation for recycling metal, which can help the environment and give a real boost to the economy. It can crush Sprite tank, Coke cans, paint can and machine oil tank. Metal crushing equipment can crush all the metal. The crushed materials of metal crusher are easy to carry and ship, which facilitates steelmaking and reduces the number of feeding. Scrap metal crusher of Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is designed to shred a wide variety of any type of metal waste, steel waste, iron waste like discarded automobiles, household appliances, bicycles and etc.

By smashing and compressing, the metal crushing equipment can remove the impurities, raise density, lower transporting and smelting cost to offer good furnace charge for plant. To satisfy your different recycling requirements, our company has offered five models of metal crushers with different capacities for your choice.

Spotlights of Scrap Metal Crusher

1. It can be equipped with other devices to form complete production plant, mainly including feeding conveyer, outfeed conveyor, magnetic selecting device, and dust removal system.

2. The all-dimensional control button makes your control of the equipment easier, so that the whole crushing process can be manipulated with 1-2 workers.

3. The blade of metal breaker is made of high alloy which has good crushing effect on any materials with high hardness.

4. It adopts solid construction and the densely covered stiffening plate ensures the fortification of the box.

5. Security identifier and mark, which can ensure the safety of the operation.

6. The start of metal crusher is stable and there is no loud noise.

7. Particle size is mainly decided by hole size of the sieve plate.

If you are interested in metal crushing equipment, welcome to contact or visit Fote Machinery: info@sinoftm.com.

scrap metal crusher: http://www.ftm-mac.com/jsps.html

Metal crushing equipment: http://www.ftm-mac.com/metal-crushing-equipment/products_11_1.html

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