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At present, more than half of the world fodders are made by the wood briquette machine. From the conclusion, we can clearly see the importance of wood pellet mill to fodder production. After being pelletized, powdered materials is smaller in feed conversion ratio. After being treated by strong heat, biomass pellets will be more perfect in digestibility of protein and starch, excellent in palatability.

What’s more, pathogenic bacterium can be killed. According to the mold difference, wood pellet mill is classified into the ring die pellet mill and flat die pellet mill. Ring die pellet mill is more used in fodder enterprises. The production of biomass pellets is quite expensive, since you need to often lubricate and maintain the pellet mill.

Based on that, producing a high price-performance wood pellet mill is the dream of all suppliers. As a professional supplier of wood briquette machine, FTM China Machinery attaches more importance to improve the performance of wood pellet mill. Nowadays, FTM has produced many intellectual properties.

By virtue of these properties, FTM wood pellet mill can realize the rapid launch, safe operation, low energy consumption, stable pellet quality as well as long service life of ring die and press roller. With key technologies being exported from Germany, FTM China Machinery has made the production for more than 30 years.

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