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Combined with the currently most advanced international technology, the new generation of wood pellet cooler equipment successfully developed mainly used for cooling high temperature granulating particles. Fote biomass fuel cooler has the advantages of high yield, good cooling effect, low noise and low repair, which makes them advanced foreign country widespread use models and the senior type cooling device.

Counter flow pellets cooler is a necessity in cooling large capacity biomass pellets and wood briquettes to produce high quality biomass fuels. Biomass pellets or briquettes from pellet machine or briquette machine are with high moisture content above 16% and high temperature degree about 70-85℃, therefore cooler is necessary to lower down material temperature to 3-5℃ higher than room temperature and for safely stored or transported in case the mildew. Our mission is to create a more renewable energy future by manufacturing top quality wood pellet machinery under the most sustainable criteria. We can customize solutions to making wood pellets for your own home heating or commercial use. Installation and free technical support are available. Works in counter flow cooling principle, it can avoid pellets or briquettes cracking or breaking and cool particles rationally. Economic space occupation and easy operation, wood pellet cooler is the ideal cooling equipment for particle materials nowadays in China.

Fote Machinery has strong technical force and high quality workforce. Over the years, we have successfully launched 1~20 millions tons compound fertilizer production line and organic fertilizer complete equipment and non drying extrusion molding counter flow pellets cooler equipment. And opened up a newly equipment for organic waste harmless treatment plant and bio organic fertilizer factory. If you had any interest in our product, please contact us!

Counter flow pellets cooler: http://www.wood-pelletmill.com/products/

Fote Machinery: http://www.wood-pelletmill.com/

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