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Along with the strong voice of energy saving and environmental protection, the strong hydraulic briquetting machine is undoubtedly the leading direction in the future of the development of machinery. The machine has the function of both energy conservation and environmental protection.

The hydraulic pressure briquette machine can be used for pressing the non-ferrous and ferrous metal mineral powder into briquettes. They can directly into the furnace for smelting. Fote strong hydraulic briquetting machine is a kind of equipment for pressing powder into balls. It has a wide application in many fields. The machine aims to reduce dust, control the bulk density and improve transport properties. Fote hydraulic pressure briquette machine can significantly reduce the size of all kinds of biomass material that you have as much as 90%, turning them into biomass briquettes with smaller volume, higher heating value concentration and easy for transporting. This new generation of strong hydraulic briquetting machine brings hydraulic system and its features into biomass fuel industry. As a leading briquette machine manufacturer, Fote allows companies to create valuable products for the generation of heat and secondary raw materials by making briquettes from production residues. Our briquetting systems help processors and manufacturers from a wide range of industries reduce their carbon footprints, enhance efficiency and increase profitability by generating revenues from 'free' resources that are created as byproducts of their operations.

After years of industrials use and modification, compared with other similar products, Fote strong hydraulic briquetting machine has the obvious advantages of high ball rate, low power consumption, compact structure and easy maintenance and debugging. Therefore, Fote hydraulic pressure briquette machine is your ideal choice. Welcome to contact us if you want more details of our strong hydraulic briquetting machine or interested to know more about our company!

hydraulic pressure briquette machine: http://www.coal-briquettemachine.com/products/strong-hydraulic-briquetting-machine.html

strong hydraulic briquetting machine: http://www.coal-briquettemachine.com/products/products_1.html

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