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Briquetting plant often adopts cold molding adhesive technology. For many small briquette production line, the most important factor is choosing the binder. Now, most production lines use humic acid sodium technology, which is made from weathered coal or lignite, adding sodium hydroxide. We want to introduce a new binder, which has many new characteristics: Firstly, the binder is brown liquid, featuring good liquidity, small tension and well wettability. The binder needn’t be processed before you use it. Production line is very easy and temperature an never affect production process. Using the binder can reduce transportation cost. Briquetting plant features clean, tidy and easy operation.

Checking all of the equipments on the briquetting plant, that is complicate and comprehensive. Wearing of bearings, screw, material mouth should be paid more attention. Cleaning and oiling the important parts on the plant are necessary in the maintenance of the plant. If some equipments are worn heavily, you should change them timely. You’d better keep closely with fuel and hydraulic, maintenance is a good method keeping smooth operation.

Briquetting plant not only has great potential market, but also social meaning: promoting the biomass energy of briquetting plant; reducing production cost and environmental pollution; solving some social problems, like crop straws and plant waste in city. the plant can improve utilization rate of the city waste but also provide environmental fuels to the industrial production, hotel and civil living. In daily operation, you can spray some fences to protect the surface of the briquetting plant. You should develop good habits of protecting important parts. If you are interested in our briquetting plant, please contact us. We technist will give you an satisfied answer.

briquetting plant: http://www.coal-briquettemachine.com/about/contact.html

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