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With the continuous development of industry equipments, coal briquetting plant has been continuously developing. Coal briquetting plant plays an important role in the rational utilization of mineral resources. The briquetting plant can not only save resource but also increase utilization rate.

Coal briquetting plant is widely used in industrial gasification, boiler type, cold formed coke, civilian coal and resistant material. It is used in a certain size of production plant. After many years of researching, the briquetting machine has some obvious advantages, such as: high balling rate, low consumption, compact structure and easily adjustment. With advanced technology and rich experience, we have produced many briquetting plants, which has received praise and compliment.

Coal briquetting plant adopts hydrostatic transmission, PLC automatic controlling. The main engine uses four-column frame structure, which is easy to be maintained. The mould adopts 1/4 segmented mold releasing, which can solve rupture of ball supporting mold. With 200-500 tons of stress, the coal briquetting machine can briquette 4 balls for one time, and the sphere diameter is 60-200 mm. The machine can be divided into full-automatic and semi-automatic. Hydraulic system uses unique cooling system to control oil temperature, and we design a rapid systematizing to save time and improve output. Automatic feeding system can save labour resources.

Coal briquetting plant can be used to briquet all kinds of powders, such as pulverized coal, iron powder, coking coal, aluminum, iron, tin oxide, carbon powder, coal powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin clay, activated carbon and so on. The finished particles has good economic and social profit. Fote coal briquetting plant can realize directly forming system without subsequent drying. If you are interested in Fote coal briquetting plant, please contact us. We will give you an answer as soon as possible.

Coal briquetting plant: http://www.coal-briquettemachine.com/about/company.html

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