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23.04.2015 04:43

Recognition and praise come from our customers is our developing motivation. Fote ball press machine has been popular at home and abroad with high quality and advanced technology. In order to improve utility ratio of the equipment and decrease profit output, we have invested a large amount of money to the researching of ball press machine.

Technological process and operation methods of the ball press machine are easy. Application range is so wide that most Mineral materials can be briquetted by Fote ball press machine. To the ball press machine, customers have right to evaluate the quality and after-sales service. Fote ball press machine has been wide used in China market. The machine can be used for briquetting mineral powder to particles, which is easy to be transported and utilized.

The secret of qualified coal briquettes is reasonable crashing mechanism. The balling diameter is decided by collision frequency. Bentonite is fine particle, which can absorb water and be decomposed into lamellar structure. The bentonite has viscosity and good briquetting ratio. With the fast development of industry in many countries, mineral resource has suffered different level of risk. So we pay high attention on the researching of ball press machine.

Roller skin of the ball press machine adopts wear resistant steel quenching, which features highly polished, easily demould and so on. We have design information, physical strength data of the machine, particle size, formulation, binder, moisture content, drying temperature and so on. After years of experience, our information is quietly rich and credible. Fote Heavy Machinery has invested a large amount of money to improve the quality of ball press machine.

ball press machine: http://www.coal-briquettemachine.com/about/company.html

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