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The lime briquetting machine is regarded as the core equipment in the briquetting production line, so Fote keeps going on a innovative way of developing and making the lime briquetting machine. We believe that our products will impress customers most on the market.

The roller surface of Fote lime briquetting machine is made of premier alloy steel through complete quenching treatment, so it owns high hardness, strength, wear resistance and long service life. The forming rolls of Fote lime briquetting machine adopts the latest embedding structure which makes users complete the installation and replacement work in only less than three hours. This design also helps to cut out the troublesome dismantling process of the components like press rolls, thus saving much production cost, transportation expense, labor and time.

The feeder of the briquette machine adopts the mechanical briar dressing device and high wear resistance lining plate in order to solve the bridging problem resulted from piling materials at the feeder corner. Our lime briquetting machine can make products with different shapes and types which are smooth and easy to be separated from the mold.

Fote lime briquetting machine is pressurized by a hydraulic cylinder inside which there is an energy accumulator that can guarantee the standard briquetting pressure value and working safety. There is an adjustment board installing at the feeding port which can adjust the feeding quantity of the raw materials. This design guarantees the briquetting and compression ratio within a proper range.

Fote Machinery is a leading briquette machine manufacturer and supplier in China and Fote lime briquetting machine has been a famous brand on the market. For more details, you can leave us a message on: /www.coal-briquettemachine.com.

Fote lime briquetting machine: http://www.coal-briquettemachine.com/products/quick-lime-dry-powder-briquetting-machine.html

Fote lime briquetting machine: http://www.coal-briquettemachine.com/products/products_1.html

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