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Most customers are quite familiar with the operating steps of the small briquetting machine, but they may not know well about the maintenance which to some extent shortens its service life and reduces much value.

Fote Machinery, located in central China, has spent more than twenty years in researching and developing the small briquette machine with our professional technical team. Our small briquetting machines are available for different kinds of raw materials and they start to become quite popular on the market because of their high quality and reasonable price.

So how can users manage the maintenance work of briquette machine? Here Fote experts will share the six effective ways with customers.

1.Open the inspecting cap of the briquette machine’s reducer and check if the gears are all meshed and not worn out. If the basic safe screws are loose, it’s a must to tighten them. New oil should be infused into the oil cylinder once there is a great change for the oil pressure value. Shut down the briquetting machine immediately that there exists oil leakage happening to the oil pressure system. After repairing this problem, we can start up the machine again.

2.Clean all the following parts of the equipment: triangle lining plate, bearings, screws and feeder hopper. Replace the bearing grease for all bearings. Removal the falling dust and powder on the surface of the small briquette machine. Dust removal is also important for the dismantling process. No dust is allowed into the movable part of the equipment.

As long as customers know well about all parts and their working conditions, they can be able to prolong the service life of the briquette machine and make full use of it. Any question about our small briquetting machine for sale? Please leave a message on: www.woodpelletmillsell.com.

Fote Machinery: http://www.woodpelletmillsell.com/solutions/

small briquetting machine for sale: http://www.woodpelletmillsell.com/product/small-briquetting-machine.html

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